HKS VPC temperature probe insulator modification



This modification will help prevent the HKS temperature probe from becoming heat soaked.

Here is the problem:  the intake manifold is directly connected to the engine head, because of this the intake manifold becomes very hot. This heat is then transferred threw the metal HKS adaptor to the temp probe, this added heat throws off the accuracy of the sensor. My new adaptor helps this problem, the poly connector is a pore conductor of heat and therefore helps insulate the probe from the heat. Other people have been putting the probe in their Intercooler piping which works too, I just couldn’t get myself to drill a hole and weld a bung onto my beautiful Greddy pipes and this solution is so simple.


Parts required:

Watts Anderson barrows PL-3004 pb1068 polypro NPTF male connector1/4 X 1/8  (I found this a Home depot)

A metric thread tap of 6mm x 1.0mm

Drill bit (To make the hole larger so that the Probe will fit deeper into the fitting)

Hacksaw or Dremel with a cutting disk


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From left to right: HKS temp probe, HKS metal adaptor, my replacement adaptor.


Take a Dremel with a cutting disk on it, or use a hacksaw and cut the connector as shown.

Drill out the outer hole with the bit, to make it bigger so that the temp probe will fit inside. We need to get the probe to go as deep as possible. Next use the tap, and tap threads into the smaller hole so that you can screw the probe into the adaptor.


Finished adaptor.

Adaptor installed on the probe.



Using Teflon tape install the adaptor back into the throttle body.




Appling some Teflon tape to the probe threads install the probe into the adaptor.



That it your done.